Resident Evil Archives Review

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(Re)do the monster mash


Essentially a repackaged budget remake of a game first released in 1996, Archives is an interesting history lesson for fans of Capcom’s zombie mash-up, but pales in the shadow of the breathtaking Resident Evils 4 and 5.

By sticking the 2002 GameCube reimagining of the original PSOne game onto a single disc – hence avoiding the awkward swopping of the Nintendo version – the Wii edition is much more fun to play, especially as you can now tinker with the controls to suit your playing style. The lush graphics, which are identical to the GameCube version, have admirably stood the test of time, and the adventure’s creepy camera angles and memorable set-pieces are still guaranteed to make lily-livered players jump.

But with deeply clumsy and frustrating movement, camera angles that switch without warning and a haunted house setting that feels cheesy beside more contemporary gorefests, Archives is only essential for newbie Resident Evil fans curious to see the roots of this gruesome franchise.