Red Faction 2 Review

Image for Red Faction 2

Freedom fight your way through a future distopia.


When it debuted on the PS2 six months ago, Red Faction 2 was hailed as one of the most accomplished blasters on Sony’s console. Now that it has limped its way onto Xbox, the game looks dated, feels clumsy and misses its multiplayer potential.

Based in a future where mankind has been enslaved by a fascist dictator, Red Faction 2 follows a rag-tag group of freedom fighters as they storm bases, battle enemies and commandeer a range of military vehicles.

Despite this promising premise, though, the script fails to engage — and the game’s multiplayer option, which includes 60 deathmatch levels, doesn’t support the Xbox Live service for online skirmishes, making Red Faction 2 obsolete beside more sophisticated peers.