Rampage: Total Destruction Review

Image for Rampage: Total Destruction

Demolishing cities soon loses its shine.


Back in the early ’80s – when most gamers would happily squander 10p pieces on delivering newspapers or guiding frogs across a busy motorway – Midway’s Rampage offered a lively alternative, where your single aim was wanton destruction. Over 20 years – and several facelifts – later, Rampage: Total Destruction offers pretty much the same experience as before, and feels tragically outdated despite its budget price tag.

Although the game has been roughly translated into 3D, and the number of classic monsters has been increased from three to 30, the aim is still to demolish bustling cities in the shortest time possible, a routine that’s enormous fun for about 20 minutes but soon becomes achingly tedious, even in the cataclysmic multiplayer mode.

The monsters’ limited movement – which prevents players climbing buildings from any side they choose – also enforces the feeling that Rampage is a game that would be better lost in the sands of time, and the lack of an online mode also scuppers its chances of making an impact in 2006.