Quake Wars: Enemy Territory Review

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One of the strongest series in gaming history holds onto its winning streak


While team-based blasters are amongst the most thrilling gaming experiences you can have, being slaughtered by spotty 13-year-olds the moment you log on is enough to discourage even the hardiest player. But in reworking the style of trigger-happy teamplay currently dominated by EA's Battlefield series, Quake Wars is the most immersive and exhilarating way to enjoy digital squad warfare.

Based in the Quake universe, the game divides players into human paramilitaries and alien invaders, gifting each side with unique weapons and a series of advantages and disadvantages that come into play as the battles unfold. Moreover, players can choose from various class types, allowing strategic gamers to become engineers and build remote guns, or gung-ho twitch shooters to simply plough headlong into the bloodshed. The often confusing action of team battles is also enhanced by giving each side objectives to complete, keeping the action moving and focusing the skirmishes in a succession of chokepoints.

Stunning battlefields and formidable vehicles also help make Quake Wars the best team blaster around, and one that players of all skill levels can enjoy.