Quake 4 Review

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Doesn't live up to expectations despite the usual alien carnage


While Perfect Dark Zero may prove a disappointment for anyone hungry for gun totin’ thrills, Activision’s Quake 4 is positively shameful.

Although there’s clearly much fun to be had blasting belligerent aliens in the game’s gloomy, claustrophobic corridors, Quake 4 is beset by shoddy frame rate issues, meaning that the action occasionally jerks, shudders and shakes when there’s a lot happening on-screen, something which is unforgivable given the power of the 360.

The presentation is also dodgy – despite the game’s increased focus on plot and bringing a compelling story to the carnage, the character’s voices are often muffled and difficult to hear – and although the game represents great value for money as it comes bundled with a full version of the ground-breaking Quake II, the experience nonetheless feels dated alongside contemporary blasters such as Call Of Duty 2 and Doom 3.