Project Zero: Tolerance Review

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Third installment of fantastically scary franchise


The third title in the Project Zero series, Tormented follows pretty much the same routine as its bloodcurdling predecessors, thrusting players into a claustrophobic dream world haunted by hostile spirits that can only be fended off with a well-timed Kodak moment from a supernatural snapper, the Camera Obscura.

Although the adventure is packed with plenty of the sledgehammer, cat-in-the-cupboard scares more common in Resident Evil, Tormented takes a more subtle approach to terror, unnerving players with its cloying atmosphere, claustrophobic corridors and the eerie moans of tormented spirits constantly whispering in your ear. And even though the fixed camera angles make for moments of teeth-grinding frustration as unseen phantoms attack you from off-screen, in creating a menacing mood similar to Japanese fright flick The Ring, Project Zero is one of the most genuinely chilling games on the shelves and will live with you long after you’ve switched off your console.