Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Image for Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Franchise takes a leap back in time


For a franchise that delights in toying with the concept of time, it’s ironic how Prince Of Persia’s 2010 incarnation has taken a leap back to the glory days of 2003, yet acts as if 2008 never happened...

Gone are the expansive environments, co-operative challenges and unique art style of the series’ ambitious 2008 reboot, instead presenting players with the familiar acrobatics and realistic visuals that shaped 2004’s Warrior Within, making this latest slice of swashbuckling feel more like a shiny reissue than a fresh take on the hallowed series.

A handful of new features include the ability to control the flow of water, allowing you to create makeshift poles and pillars at the touch of a button, and the opportunity to summon platforms and restore missing parts of the levels, in turn giving you access to lofty, previously inaccessible places. But while these fresh additions are fun and nicely punctuate the traditional jumping, swinging and scrambling, the simple swordplay that makes up the remainder of the game is horribly clichéd, this latest incarnation offering a huge increase in the number of enemies on screen at one time, but sacrificing the satisfying blocking and parrying of old in favour of blind button-bashing.

While 2008’s Prince Of Persia had its faults, it still felt like a bold step forward for the series and hinted at a brighter future. But in taking a step back in time and unashamedly reselling players an old formula, this is a rare fail for the rambunctious royal and an exercise in nostalgia that doesn’t press all the right buttons.