Pokemon Battle Revolution Review

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A revolution in evolution


If the arrival of the latest Pokémon adventure has reignited your passion for Nintendo’s creature catching classic, Battle Revolution is the perfect way to see your DS monsters getting busy on the big screen. But if you haven’t taken the time to get the most from the Diamond or Pearl editions, avoid this bewildering spin-off at all costs.

For Pokémon devotees, this Wii offshoot is a joy; by linking your DS and home console, your shoddy-looking Pokémon collection can be stylishly recreated in 3D, breathing life into the chunky monsters you’ve nurtured on the bus and allowing them to get down to the serious business of battling using the skills you’ve taught them.

Moreover, Battle Revolution’s online capabilities mean you can challenge other players over the internet and test your mettle against the world’s best trainers, playing to the community aspect of the game and allowing Pokémaniacs to earn money and transfer valuable items back to their DS game card.

However, for Pokémon virgins, Battle Revolution is a complete waste of time and money, only offering a limited number of trainers to choose from, each with a predetermined roster of monsters that must be used in the upcoming battles. And as the monstrous skirmishes will look achingly dull to the uninitiated who don’t understand the subtleties of the game, it’s impossible to recommend Battle Revolution to anyone who hasn’t already been bewitched by Nintendo’s pocket dwellers.