P.N. 03 Review

Image for P.N. 03

Shinji Makami's futuristic actioner.


Although few game developers are considered auteurs, Shinji Mikami’s work on Resident Evil and Devil May Cry has established him as a unique talent whose mastery of character development and compelling gameplay has made everything he’s touched turn to gold. Sadly, P.N.03 is a black mark on his unblemished record.

Set in the distant future, this is a straightforward action game where the heroine sprints down a succession of corridors, blasting belligerent robots as they hurtle towards her. Visually the game’s a delight, the beautifully animated heroine prancing around like some kind of Matrix-obsessed ballerina, using graceful, dance-like moves to dodge missiles and target enemies.

However, the clumsy controls make the game frustrating to play — you can’t even move and shoot at the same time — and the pitiful plot isn’t enough to keep players hooked.