Patapon Review

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Bang the drums of war


Part rhythm-action, part RPG, part real-time strategy and utterly captivating throughout, Patapon is one of the greatest and most original games to ever grace the PSP.

From the same developers who gifted gamers with LocoRoco – no surprise when you see the impossibly cute visuals – Patapon casts players as the god of a race of directionless warriors, who are spurred into action when you use the PSP buttons to hammer out rhythms on a variety of magical drums, these delirious beats allowing you to issue orders to your minions, forage for supplies, or take strategic positions when battling a rival army.

The chance to evolve your adorable subjects with new weapons and armour also adds a compelling role-playing element to the action, as does the fact that new classes of warriors join your battalion as the game unfolds, offering players new ways to approach battles and ensuring the challenges constantly change as you work your way through the ten-hour-plus campaign.

A wide variety of compelling mini games, catchy music and some of the most charming characters in videogame history – only those of a steely constitution won’t feel guilty when one of their heroes gets hurt – make Patapon one of the PSP’s greatest triumphs, offering depth, charm and flexibility where many other portable titles only deliver the most basic of gaming experiences.