Operation Flashpoint: Elite Review

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PC favourite hits XBox with extra bells

When Operation Flashpoint first yomped onto PCs in 2001, the game was so damned realistic that it was used by the Australian Army and US Marines to train new recruits. Now debuting on the Xbox, Elite offers the same depth, tactical gameplay and sense of authenticity as its PC predecessor, without the notorious dumbing-down that traditionally blights console reissues.

Ditching the gung-ho gunplay of Doom and Halo in favour of brutal realism, Elite forces you to play as if your life depended on it; bolting for cover once the bullets start flying and working with your comrades to pin down enemies, all the time conscious that one shot is all it takes to bring your glittering military career to an abrupt end.

This latest edition benefits from a new peripheral vision indicator that enhances your spatial awareness and makes it easier to understand the environment around you – along with tweaked enemy intelligence that makes
for more intense and aggressive battles – making Elite one of the most rewarding blasters on Microsoft’s ’box.