Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams Review

Image for Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams

Thought Onimusha was a trilogy? Think again...


Despite bringing thier Samurai trilogy to a grisly conclusion in 2004, Capcom have resurrected Onimusha, but this time things are a little different.

Although puzzle-solving has always been a keystone of the franchise, Dawn Of Dreams sidelines brain-teasers in favour of action, its world crawling with more hostile horrors than ever before. Players can now swap between the plucky hero and his sidekicks at the press of a button, allowing you to exploit their unique powers or team up to unleash cataclysmic special attacks.

Beautifully realised ancient landscapes and an epic sense of storytelling also make this a seductive experience, but long-time fans might long for a few more cerebral challenges to punctuate the tempestuous combat.