Onimusha 3 Review

Image for Onimusha 3

Reno and Kaneshiro provide voices for this top shelf actioner


Like all good epics, the third installment in the Onimusha trilogy brings closure to the tale, as a lone samurai battle against the forces of evil. Fortunately, Demon Siege is more Return Of The King than Revolutions.

Ditching the static envoironments and robotic controls of earlier editions, Demon Siege allows players to explore beautifully-realised 3-D worlds that take gamers from fuedal Japan to modern-day France as they slaughter monsters and solve puzzles.

Actors Jean Reno and Takeshi Kaneshiro provide the faces and voices of the game's central characters, with the surly Gallic hero thrust back in time to dismember demons in the Far East as his samurai counterpart gets brutal in Paris' blood soaked streets.

The fast paced combat and sumptuous CG movies make it one of the best looking titles on PS2, but the rambling story and barren envoironments mean it narrowly misses a top score.