Nintendogs Review

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Raise an train a puppy, using the DS' unique setup


Naysayers who aren’t convinced that the DS’ touch screen brings anything new to the gaming experience will eat their words when they get their paws on Nintendogs.

A virtual pet simulator where you adopt, train and care for an impossibly cute puppy, Nintendogs couldn’t exist on any other console as using the DS' lower screen allows players to 'touch' their pooch and tickle its nose, rub its ears or throw a Frisbee. The game also demonstrates the true potential of the DS' microphone and voice recognition software, which allows your mutt to learn its name and come running whenever you call.

The lifelike graphics are also incredible – the developers clearly having spent much time studying the expressions and mannerisms of each breed – and the chance to hook up with other trainers and let your puppies play together also makes this a unique, charming and innovative release that's sure to be Nintendo’s biggest hit since Pokémon.