Ninja Gaiden Sigma Review

Image for Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Five (throwing) stars


As the Xbox version is still one of the most thrilling and unflinchingly savage games on the shelves, most PS3 owners would have happily chewed their own leg off for a straight port of Ninja Gaiden to bolster the console’s vapid library. But in taking the time to refine the game’s delirious action, renowned Japanese developer Team Ninja has gifted players with one of the PS3’s most compelling adventures to date.

While the dizzying Matrix-style ninja combat and seamless controls are still in place, the addition of a new playable character brings variety to the challenges. And while the female assassin isn’t as agile as the main protagonist, her sluggish-yet-powerful hammer attacks shift the pace of the game and force players to adjust their battle strategies on the hoof, keeping you on your toes and constantly shifting the game’s focus as the story unfolds.

An expanded roster of enemies, razor-sharp graphics and a handful of new weapons also help polish the experience and correct minor niggles with the original game, meaning that even those who’ve played Ninja Gaiden on a rival console will relish retreading old ground.