NFL Street 2: Unleashed Review

Image for NFL Street 2: Unleashed

Rough and tumble American football action.


While the bewildering rules of American football may mean little to most UK gamers, NFL Street’s version of the brutal sport – where matches are reduced to seven-on-seven skirmishes, played on urban wastelands rather than in million-dollar stadiums – is easy to get to grips with.

Unleashed offers a tremendous variety of options, allowing players to indulge in quick matches, a 32-team tournament or simple mini games, and there’s even the option to create your own muscle-bound meathead and prove you’re the toughest jock on the block.

However, as it’s possible to run the entire length of the pitch before anyone gets near enough to tackle you – and even 30-second mini games can take around 50 seconds to load – Unleashed fumbles its chance of being an essential purchase for NFL nuts.