Need For Speed: Most Wanted Review

Image for Need For Speed: Most Wanted

New features, new fun, best graphics so far in this series


Having bewitched gamers with the thrills of illicit racing for almost 10 years, there was a danger that Need For Speed’s 360 debut would feel stale the wake of Criterion’s Burnout Revenge. But by blending a handful of new features into NFS’ evergreen formula, Most Wanted is the 360 racer of choice for pure, unadulterated fun.

Aside from superlative graphics – undoubtedly the best so far in the NFS series – the new slow-mo Bullet Time sequences that allow you to perform superhuman feats behind the wheel, and the chance to dump debris on the road to scupper any rivals sucking on your exhaust pipe, add an extra layer of strategy to the high octane dashes.

Best of all, though, by reintroducing the series’ tenacious cop cars that mercilessly hound you through the narrow streets, EA has positioned Most Wanted as one of the coolest games on the 360, making you feel like a genuine fugitive as you try to ditch the police helicopters dogging your every move.