Need For Speed Underground Rivals Review

Image for Need For Speed Underground Rivals

A solid start for racing on the PSP format.


Midnight Club III may be the king of illegal street racers on the PS2 and Xbox, but Need For Speed narrowly pips it to the PSP post.

Although Midnight Club’s busy cites are arguably more impressive that the urban sprawls in NFS, Rivals is a much more thrilling experience; while DUB Edition lacks the rapid pace of its console brethren, EA’s game uses slick blurring, rocking and shaking effects to concoct a breathtaking illusion of speed, helping to create a genuine sense of awe as you snake your way through the city streets.

The controls feel a little looser than in the console editions and the car customisation isn’t nearly as deep, but Rivals is still a great alternative if you’ve already cracked the five-star thrills of Ridge Racer and WipEout Pure.