NBA Street Showdown Review

Image for NBA Street Showdown

Reality goes out the Brownstone window in favour of superhuman basketball antics.


After four years tearing up the courts, NBA Street is still hard to beat for slam dunkin’, alley oopin’, rim rattlin’ thrills.

Like its console cousins, Showdown ditches any sense of reality in favour of superhuman skills, magical trick shots and a badass attitude, pitching the NBA’s finest into lightning-paced, three-on-three matches that are simple enough to hook casual fans, but with enough depth to keep basketball aficionados shooting hoops until they’ve worked their way through the captivating career mode.

In terms of presentation the game is flawless – and the hysterical mini games are perfectly suited to quick bursts of action – but as the PSP has fewer buttons than the controllers used to play NBA Street on the PS2 or Xbox, pulling off the game’s trick shots can prove tough.