NBA Live 06 Review

Image for NBA Live 06

A step backwards for the series


Like most console launches, the 360’s first batch of games are quick to dazzle players with flashy graphics, but with scant attention paid to trivial matters like decent gameplay. But in a bunch of games that value style over substance, NBA Live 06 is the worst offender.

Like most games in EA’s 360 launch line-up, Live 06 ditches many of the modes and features that made the game a hit on older consoles – the dynasty mode, slam dunk contest and superstar moves, for example, are all gone – making this a step backwards for a series that traditionally delivers the goods.

The snail-paced action and appalling camera that always seems to conspire against you also make Live 06 one of the 360’s most disappointing launch titles, and the fact that you can’t even launch action replays unless indicated by the computer is a travesty in a sport that prides itself on showcasing superhuman moves.