NBA 2K6 Review

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An HDTV is needed to see why you'd fork out so much for this.. and even then...


After squandering a small fortune on a 360, the least you’d expect is razor-sharp graphics to showboat the power of your new toy. But like so many 360 launch titles, spotting the difference between this edition and those on a PS2 or Xbox also requires a ritzy High Definition TV.

On an HDTV, NHL 2K is the sharpest-looking basketball game ever made, with costumes that swish and billow as if made from real fabric, players who get increasingly sweaty as the matches progress and facial expressions that change to reflect the referee’s decisions and frenzied on-court action.

Viewed on a normal telly, though, NFL 2K looks exactly like the versions available on current generation consoles, and although the lightning-paced action and superb sense of control still make it one of the most engaging basketball sims around, 2K certainly isn’t worth its absurd price tag.