NBA 2K10 Review

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2K’s hoop dreams remain alive


Stateside sports-centric games can be a tricky one to peg on these shores, simply because, as an audience, we’re not too savvy (or have little interest) when it comes to ins and outs of either the NBA or NFL Leagues. Yet, there still remains a loyal following for both on consoles, with a fanbase that continues to build year on year, knowing what works, and what works best.

2K Sports NBA series is exactly that, the crown jewel in the publisher’s sports catalogue, a b-ball winner that consistently delivers the goods. Along with fresh tweaks to player animations, signature moves and facial expressions, this year’s accolade is My Player mode. Here, sports fans fashion a player and embark on the road to NBA stardom, traversing the summer and development leagues before ultimately sharing the hardwood with seasoned pros.

Yet, for all its worth, NBA 2K10 is riddled with technical irks; frame rates are jittery, AI is unwieldy, and more damning are the agonizing issues to be had with connectivity when jacking into the game’s online modes (although the promise of a patch looms on the horizon). Not quite the slam dunk advocates were holding out for, but still head and shoulders above its core competitor EA’s NBA Live. For now.