Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe Review

Image for Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe


After 16 years of snapped spines, charred corpses and ruptured ribcages, the introduction of DC Comics’ Lycra-clad crimefighters into the sanguine world of Mortal Kombat pushes the notorious brawler in a thrilling new direction.

Whereas the cheesy presentation of earlier Kombats didn’t matter as it was all about ripping the still-beating heart from your opponent’s chest, the appearance of DC’s biggest stars has seen the game designers up their game, the wildly imaginative and impeccably turned-out Kombatants easily matching their inky rivals for style and ferocity, the traditional comic heroes such as Batman, Superman and Flash also looking fiesty and fabulous in this harebrained beat ’em up.

The chance to beat on enemies as you fall between floors and tense close-quarters fisticuffs also make this a decent evolution of the Kombat franchise. However, fans of more accomplished fighters such as Soulcalibur IV will be horrified by MK’s simple attacks and fanciful special moves, and the fact this latest Kombat still plays like an old-fashioned, 2D button-basher despite its three-dimensional set-up makes it feel like it’s 1992 and you’re still squandering 10ps in a seaside arcade.