Mini Ninjas Review

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Fluffy kid-friendly fun


On first impressions, Mini Ninjas looks like the sort of nauseatingly cute, kiddie-friendly bullshit that Empire kicks the face off each month and mercilessly hammers for its myriad failings. But scratch below the surface and you’ll find Mini Ninjas to be a deep, warm-hearted and intuitive adventure that Super Mario himself would be proud to be part of.

A dizzy blend of the best elements of a dozen classic platformers – including the platform hopping of Super Mario, animal rescuing of Sonic The Hedgehog, and comedy carnage of Ratchet & Clank – Mini Ninjas puts players in control of an ever-expanding gang of masked martial artists, each one packing unique skills that seamlessly come into play as the candy-coloured adventure unfolds.

Uniquely, what’s remarkable about Mini Ninjas is that it effortlessly serves both old and young players; with its wide variety of moves that come in handy when solving specific problems, and stylish graphics that convey the personality of each character without being too fussy, Mini Ninjas feeds on the classic platforming tradition established by Nintendo and Sega and will give mature players a warm glow. And while swopping between ninjas may be a little overwhelming for the youngest players, a huge variety of goodies to collect, simple yet satisfying combat and a irrepressibly fluffy atmosphere make Mini Ninjas a decent digital babysitter for long-suffering parents who need half an hour to themselves.

Sadly, despite Mini Ninjas being a game that’s crying out for a co-operative mode, there aren’t any multiplayer options to let you team up with other players, effectively slashing the game’s lifespan in half. But for anyone looking for a game that’ll keep the young ’uns happy, but is still worth a quick blast once they’ve trotted off to bed, Mini Ninjas is a slick, seductive choice.