Metal Gear Acid Review

Image for Metal Gear Acid

Master the complex rules of this actioner, and this game will reveals its rewards.


If you’re hoping for gritty, cinematic Metal Gear Solid action in the palm of your hand, this isn’t it.

Ditching the edgy action of Sons Of Liberty and Snake Eater, Metal Gear Acid is a weird turn-based strategy game that finds players creeping around military bases that are carved-up by an invisible grid which limits Snake’s movements. In-game actions such as creeping around the squares, distracting guards or sneaking past enemies require you to choose cards (yes, cards…) from a deck built at the beginning of the game, forcing players to plan each move carefully as some actions can’t be used again until they recharge.

Confused? You will be. But if you take time to decipher the complex rules and get to grips with the cerebral action, Metal Gear Acid is a deep and rewarding experience that will delight long-time fans of Hideo Kojima’s stealthy series.