Medievil: Resurrection Review

Image for Medievil: Resurrection

Hack and slashathon utilising the vocal talents of Tom Baker.


As far as console launches go, the PSP has one of the strongest software line-ups in gaming history. And then there’s MediEvil: Resurrection…

A mindless hack-and-slashathon where the hero butchers endless waves of zombified nasties, this clichéd quest offers none of the subtlety or innovative design that characterises many of the PSP launch titles. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the action lurches, jerks and shudders like a movie viewed on an antique film projector, making MediEvil a bitch to play.

Granted, the game is impressive for its Tim Burton-esque characters and fruity narration from Tom Baker, but as the gags are about as funny as a rectal prolapse this is one PSP title that’s destined for nothing more than the bargain bin.