Medal Of Honour: European Assault Review

Image for Medal Of Honour: European Assault

Director John Milius’ contribution helps this to be one of the most compelling war games on the shelves


Although the Medal Of Honor series has gone from strength to strength since it first blasted onto PlayStations in 1999, this time the developers have enlisted the help of director John Milius to help bring its epic World War II adventure
to life. And the former NRA member’s influence is obvious from the get-go.

For starters, the game casts players as Lieutenant William Holt, a US soldier sent to Europe to help defeat the Nazis. But while the Allied forces are little more than cannon fodder on the blood-soaked battlefields, Yankee Holt tackles the Hun almost single-handedly, bashing Nazis all the way from North Africa to the Battle Of The Bulge.

Milius’ touch is evident in the realistic skirmishes; whereas previous Medal games steered players along a narrow path, European Assault features sprawling battlefields, making for tense shootouts where you duck behind rocks to take potshots at canny enemies.

But even without his input, this would still be one of the most compelling war games on the shelves, with scarily smart computer-controlled comrades who’ll watch your back in the fiercest firefight, and slick, cinematic presentation that effortlessly weaves you into the explosive experience.

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