Marvel Ultimate Alliance Review

Image for Marvel Ultimate Alliance

A big Marvel mash-up.


For Marvel aficionados, Ultimate Alliance is the biggest, messiest wet dream imaginable. Over 140 heroes and villains — from Spider-Man and Captain America to the lesser-spotted Thor and Ghost Rider — have been assembled for this large-scale comic-book mash-up.

Essentially a button-bashing brawler, Ultimate Alliance puts you in command of a quartet of Marvel stars, a squad that steadily swells
to over 20 garish combatants as the adventure unfolds. Players can swap between inky idols at any time, and using characters in battle allows you to evolve their skills and unlock special attacks that can topple even the most stubborn super-villain.

But while the combat is deep and allows players to blend the psychotic attacks of individual team members into devastating combos, the relentless rucks quickly become tiresome, and only an unconditional love of the Marvel universe will be enough to keep you hooked.