Manhunt 2 Review

Image for Manhunt 2

Sick, horror gruesomeness for the adolescent boy market.


Despite the controversy of the first game – banned in Germany and New Zealand, unfairly liked to the murder of a UK teenager – the Grand Guignol of Rockstar’s Manhunt is back to get our moral guardians in a twist. But while the game’s been rightly slapped with an 18 certificate, it’s ironically adolescent boys who’ll enjoy its toe-curling savagery the most.

Like before, the game is all about stealthy, brutal kills, whether it be slicing a villain’s spine with a circular saw or smashing an S&M gimp’s skull open on a urinal. And while all versions of the game are feverishly twisted, the cruelty is edgiest in the Wii edition where punching and slicing with the controller mimics the on-screen savagery and makes the experience even more visceral than before.

Sadly, enemies who’ll stand only inches away and not see you in cowering in the shadows, ugly graphics and uninspiring puzzles mean that non-gorehounds may feel disappointed by Manhunt’s gameplay, but if you’re male, hormonal and of an age where you get turned on by vintage video nasties, Eli Roth movies and Saw III, you’ll probably love it… you sick, sick puppy.