Madden NFL 11 Review

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Evergreen gridiron franchise returns


The biggest change in NFL 11 is Gameflow, a system that simplifies the confusing menus and options that were used in earlier editions to call offensive and defensive plays, and instead allows players to make these choices using a single button. And while this new feature is far from perfect, and occasionally doesn’t offer the choices many hardened NFL fans will be looking for, it’s still a fine way to manage the action, make the matches faster, and allow those with only a passing interest in the sport to get stuck in.

The intelligence of the computer-controlled players – particularly when playing offensively – is also a marked improvement on earlier versions, and the presentation throughout is stunning, from the realistic animations and sharp graphics to the voiceovers provided by Gus Johnson, who’s more excitable and endearing that last year’s tired Tom Hammond. But while the single-player game feels more accomplished in every respect, it’s the Online Team Play mode that will keep you coming back for more, offering six players the chance to work together or go head-to-head on the road to NFL glory.

If there’s any criticism here it’s that the game has gone too far in pandering to a mainstream audience, and many players who’ve grown up with the series will feel as if this is dumbing down the experience. But for a quality NFL simulation that strikes a careful balance between realism and fun, Madden is still hard to beat.