Madagascar Review

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Its sharp sense of humour gives this a slight edge on the rest of the garish platform romps based on a family movie


Surprise, surprise… another garish platform romp based on a family movie. But while Madagascar won’t win any prizes for innovation, its sharp sense of humour gives it a slight edge on the rest of the pack.

Featuring all the animals from the flick, the game allows players to swap between beasts and use their unique powers to solve puzzles, making for chucklesome sequences where you use a penguin’s fishing skills to snag disguises from a crowd of humans, or deploy hot chillies to give your lumbering hippo a burst of speed.

Gamers will have fun spotting cheeky references to classic games; on a ship bound for Africa, for example, you control stealthy penguins as they attempt a mutiny, hiding under cardboard boxes à la Metal Gear Solid.

Madagascar also features a series of amusing mini-games that are unlocked in the ‘Zoovenir Store’ and add a little variety to the package, but without the movie’s original voice talent this is a quest best left to the kids.