Lost: The Video Game Review

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Licensed to thrill (well a little)...


Like the television series that inspired it, Lost: The Video Game is an experience riddled with frustration.

Based on the exploits of a crash survivor never mentioned in the TV series - a plot device which will have hardened fans scratching their heads to begin with - the game is a traditional adventure romp, the action sequences punctuated by puzzles designed to get your grey matter working and convey the challenges faced by your perplexed heroes.

But while Lost is amongst this year’s better licensed games – and a world away from dross such as Jumper: Griffin’s Story – it’s still riddled with problems; from a spin-off perspective the voice talent is pretty lousy, while many of the lines delivered by sound-alikes who lack the punch of the original actors. Silly moments that don’t sit well with the TV show - at one point there’s only a single entrance to the jungle for Christssakes! - also undermine the experience, and the fact that playing the game reveals little new about the twisted plot will also make some fans wonder why they bothered.

From a gaming standpoint, Lost does nothing to welcome players unfamiliar with the plot – and will be a complete headfuck for anyone who doesn’t know what ‘black smoke’ is – while the recurring sequences where you have to pick your way through pitch-black caves or fiddle with broken fuse boxes soon become a chore to complete.

Hardcore Lost fans will doubtless enjoy this fresh take on the series, and the final few moments reveal details about the island that add weight to theories about the series floating around on fan forums. But even those devoted to the TV show will be disappointed after working their way to the end, and would be advised to rent the game for a weekend rather than spunking 40 quid on owning a copy.