Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Review

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Impressively tooled up starship troopers fighting giant insects.


Essentially Starship Troopers on ice, Lost Planet casts players as a tooled-up space warrior battling armies of giant insects on a remote, snow-capped planet. But while the interstellar bug-squashing may seem strangely familiar, Lost Planet introduces a clutch of unique features that mark it out from other Xbox 360 blasters.

As well as the familiar running and gunning, players are given access to a range of robotic exoskeletons, each of which blesses you with amazing powers – from a machine that morphs into a snowmobile for quick getaways, to the sprightly suit that allows you to leap high into the air and rain fiery death on any enemies cowering below. The hero’s Bionic Commando-style grappling hook also adds variety - allowing you to save yourself from deadly falls or reach inaccessible platforms – and the frequent boss battles punctuate the relentless carnage with more strategic shooting.

The frantic fights that assault players with swarms of eight-legged horrors may not feel as realistic as the tense shootouts in Gears Of War or F.E.A.R., but Lost Planet is further proof that the 360 is the place to be for quality gunplay.