The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King Review

Image for The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

The final instalment comes to console land.


As the game based on such a huge movie, The Return Of The King has a lot to live up to. But while EA’s adventure does justice to the electrifying action and astonishing visuals we’ve come to expect from Jackson, Tolkien aficionados won’t be inspired by the shallow hack ’n’ slash gameplay.

ROTK captures the spirit of the series by blending footage from all three films with the violent in-game action, and the voice talents of Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen and others also help bring the quest to life. There are even hidden cast interviews and concept artwork to unlock, and the models of the main characters all look uncannily like their cinematic counterparts. But while the movie clips help the story to unfold, it never feels like you’re making the decisions that decide the fate of Middle-earth. Instead, the game requires players to do little more than bash buttons to despatch the minions of Sauron, making for a rather empty experience.

Admittedly the graphics are stunning and anyone after rip-roaring action won’t be disappointed, but players looking for an adventure of epic proportions would be better off sticking with Nintendo’s Legend Of Zelda.