Little Deviants Review

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Mildly distracting


While Little Deviants is clearly designed – above all else – to showcase the PS Vita’s clever touch controls, this madcap minigame compilation is still is a fun diversion for anyone who fancies an absurd alternative to WipEout 2048’s sickening twists and turns.

Driven by a god-awful story that follows the fortunes of some interstellar worm-things and the robots chasing them, playing Little Deviants is all about using the PS Vita's touch-screen, gyroscope, rear-touch pad and microphone to complete the sorts of simple challenges for which the word wacky was invented. And while there’s nothing here that – on the surface at least – would look out of place on an iPhone or android handset, tapping the rear of your PS Vita to push snarling automatons off ledges, or tilting the handheld to control your descent as you fall through the clouds, makes for a minigame package that hits the mark more often than it misses, and uses intuitive controls that gamers of all experience levels will find natural.

A confident, accomplished minigame blowout that uses the system’s tactile functions to create a sense of hare-brained fun, Little Deviants sadly lacks the sense of occasion and spectacle evident in Sony's Triple-A PS Vita launch titles, and will be most readily embraced by younger players who are turned off by the machine’s more mature adventures.