Lego Star Wars: The Video Game Review

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Finally, a geek's three childhood passions are combined


For anyone who experienced Star Wars first-hand back in 1977, LEGO bricks are as synonymous with childhood as battered Han Solo action figures. But while the combination of primary-coloured bricks and the exotic inhabitants of a galaxy far, far away was a work of twisted genius in the real world, the digital adventure is best left to the kids.
Graphically, the game is nothing short of stunning; each of the characters is instantly recognisable as their big screen counterpart and the fluid animation and detailed environments help create the illusion that you’re spying on real plastic figures as they go about their business, Toy Story-style, far from the prying eyes of pesky kids.

The sweeping story — based on Episodes I to III — mirrors events from all three films of the prequel trilogy, and the game makes excellent use of both its licences by allowing players to use the Force to shift LEGO blocks to build bridges or clear pathways.

But while Star Wars LEGO certainly looks the part, it’s aimed squarely at a pre-teen audience and offers little in the way of challenge. It may be the only game that lets you play as Yoda, but even that’s not enough to make it essential.