Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review

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Plastic fantastic...


Ditching the newfangled Crystal Skull for a romp through the classic trilogy, this latest bout of Lego swashbuckling is a cute and captivating adventure that no Indiana Jones fan will be able to resist.

Following the same structure as Lego Star Wars – one of the few franchises to unite both old and young gamers – the game sees players exploring plastic worlds based on Spielberg’s rollicking classics; smashing the scenery to uncover treasures, collecting Lego bricks to solve simple puzzles, and hopping between dozens of perilous platforms. Using the special powers of familiar faces from the Indiana films – including Short Round and Henry Jones Sr. – also adds interesting twists to the action, especially when a second player picks up your spare gamepad to join the action.

But while the game does little to evolve the Lego franchise, The Original Adventures boasts a razor-sharp sense of humour that’ll delight movie fans, with sequences such as Indy riffling through his bag to find the golden idol from Raiders Of The Lost Ark – but pulling out C-3PO’s shiny head instead – making this worth the price of admission alone.