Killzone 2 Review

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As an exercise in mood and thrills, Killzone 2 is superb.


For a four-star game, there’s a lot broken in Killzone 2. The acting is appalling for starters, with a shitstorm of two-bit actors hamming their way through the story and rotting any sense of immersion. The lack of a co-operative mode – something the developers promise will be corrected with a download post-launch – is also criminal as fighting alongside companions is one of the solo game’s main draws, and there’s a nagging sense of déjà vu throughout as the interplanetary plot feels like every other futuristic blaster you’ve played in recent months.

But as an exercise in mood and thrills, Killzone 2 is superb. Staged on a grey, industrial alien planet, the ramshackle buildings, ruined factories and hastily erected barriers are a refreshing change from the fanciful worlds of other space-age blasters, every inch of the game world bursting with detail and making every skirmish genuinely gripping. And with AI-controlled companions who fight like real people and add colour and depth to the plot, Killzone 2 may not be the killer game it promised to be, but it’s still worth owning a PS3 just to play it.