Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Review

Image for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men

Be the bad guy


There’s nothing like playing the bad guy. Whether its embracing the Dark Side in a Star Wars game or baiting police in GTA, shirking the righteous path for a life of crime is the most dubious thrill a video game can offer. And in Kane & Lynch, teaming up with friends for a spot of lawbreaking is a crooked treat.

Following the exploits of two vicious criminals who’ve escaped death row, K&L’s biggest delights are found online; teams of players can work together to pull off the perfect crime, stuffing their pockets with cash and capping cops as the destructible environments crumble around them. Even better, as you’re playing a bunch of nefarious thugs you can choose to ditch the plan, kill your friends, pinch their loot and make a beeline for the getaway car without incurring much in the way of penalty.

The single-player adventure isn’t nearly as thrilling as the multiplayer action - and feels like Hitman with a spot of team gameplay, little surprise as it’s from the same developer - but for badass action both on- and offline, K&L is hard to beat.