Just Cause 2 Review

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Chaos reigns


In search of pure unadulterated goofiness in a gargantuan pixel-crafted island some 1,000 square kilometres in size? Then look no further than Swedish developer Avalanche’s follow-up to its equally bonkers 2006 original. Featuring a welcome return from super agent Rico Rodriguez (complete with snazzy makeover), Just Cause 2 slings you into the action on to the fictional island of Panau in a hunt for your former mentor, pal and commanding officer, Tom Sheldon, now gone rogue with a cache of top-secret intelligence and a ruddy great mountain of cash.

The hilarious assortment of weaponry from the first game makes a welcome return, including Rico’s stunt parachute and grappling hook - now connected to his arm - which can be employed to tether enemies to everything from lampposts to moving vehicles and exploding barrels. In a word: anarchy. Of course, there are a sturdy set of storyline missions and side quests to embark on, but with Rico’s wonderful toys at your fingertips you’ll quickly find yourself side-stepping them at the outset in a bid to cook up zany ways to off island fools while racking up currency in the form of the game’s commodity: the appropriately names ‘chaos’. All formats provide bang for your buck but PS3 owners get the sweetest deal courtesy of a video capturing feature that allows you to record your finest manic moments before posting them on YouTube. Sold!