Juiced Review

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A street racing game whose title is somewhat ironic


Ever since The Fast And The Furious roared into cinemas in 2001, illegal street racers have been de rigueur in the upper reaches of the games charts. But whereas Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Need For Speed Underground 2 set consoles alight in recent months, Juiced feels more like a lazy Sunday afternoon drive.

Originally scheduled for release last year, it’s hard to see what the developers did with the extra time; whereas other illicit racers populate their streets with traffic and irascible cops, the roads in Juiced are barren and empty, as if the entire city has been cordoned off for these high-octane dashes.

Even worse, while you can earn cash by winning races and spend your ill-gotten gains on tricking out your motors, the computer-controlled drivers are so hard to beat that you’ll face bankruptcy long before you get behind the wheel of a decent roadster.

A year ago, Juiced could have given its competitors a run for their money. In 2005, it simply stalls on the starter grid.