James Cameron' Avatar: The Game Review

Image for James Cameron' Avatar: The Game

The Avatar 3D game experience deserves as much attention as the film.


While the developers of Avatar have been kind enough to produce a standard version that will run on any television, one glimpse of the three-dimensional edition and most gamers will happily ditch their flashy flatscreen for a funky new 3D TV.

Best viewed through special glasses that create the most convincing illusion of three-dimensional space ever seen in a videogame, Avatar’s 3D set-up is more than a gimmick; instead, as you cut through the game’s lush jungles, the towering shrubs which brush past your face and dirt that gets kicked back from the wheels of hulking military vehicles make it feel as if you’re exploring a living, breathing world, Avatar subtly showcasing the potential for 3D technology to enhance the gaming experience.

As an adventure Avatar is a slick but predictable blaster, combining the best bits of Halo, Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon with a linear plot and simple controls to hook gamers of all skill levels. But while this isn’t a five-star game, Avatar in 3D is a genuine five-star experience, and one of the rare movie spin-offs that will cause as much buzz as they film that inspired it.