James Bond 007: From Russia With Love Review

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Complete with co-operation from Connery! Get in!


The first game to let you play as Sean Connery’s 007, From Russia With Love should pacify the internet chatroom fanboys bewildered (somewhat unjustly) by Daniel Craig’s appointment as the next James Bond.

Starring a beautifully-realised digital double of Connery circa 1963, FRWL features every major set-piece from Terence Young’s classic – along with a few new or extended scenes – the action swinging between brutal gunplay, explosive dashes in Bond’s tooled-up Aston Martin and dozens of tense moments where only a Q Branch gadget will save the day.

The punchy action is given extra depth as players can earn points to upgrade 007’s abilities as the game unfolds. But while the From Russia is a thrilling ride, it lacks the mood and atmosphere of GoldenEye on the N64 (still the best Bond game by a country mile), making you feel the star of any old action-packed blaster, rather than taking on the persona of Ian Fleming’s suave super spy.