The Italian Job: L.A. Heist Review

Image for The Italian Job: L.A. Heist

Like a short, fat, happy person in a city of sugically-altered freaks.


Souped-up futuristic motors and sleek sports cars are all very well, but for some reason none look quite so cool as a little red Mini with a Union Jack roof racing around the streets of LA — like a short, fat, happy person in a city of surgically-altered freaks. And, as you might expect, this adaptation of the current remake of the ’60s classic (got that?) is teeming with the cheerful little blighters.

Presented in incredibly slick, smooth graphics, this thorough conversion goes beyond the standard rehashing of the movie. The story mode is there, of course, and its freewheeling smash-ups are a high-octane blast, but there’s also a (bastard-hard) stunt driving mode that sends you around winding tracks earning extra points for artful skidding, as well as a multi-player racing mode.

As with any racer, it’s fun with one but only reaches its full potential in multi-player mode, so the option to race with more than two
would have been welcome. The option to blow the bloody doors off may have been asking too much.