Infamous 2 Review

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Lightning strikes twice


For fans of Infamous’ epic story, freeform adventuring and electrifying superheroics, Sucker Punch’s sprawling sequel is a perfect opportunity to slip back into Cole MacGrath’s sneakers and keep the action alive. But for pickier players hoping for a dramatic evolution of this explosive PS3 series, Infamous 2 is a crushing disappointment and lacks the sheen most players have come to expect from console blockbusters.

As balls-out action games go, Infamous 2 offers players myriad challenges and huge rewards, including the option to follow a path of good or evil and earn different endings depending on your moral choices. There’s an enormous New Orleans-inspired city to explore that feels more alive than its predecessor, and a slew of new powerful electrical moves to master that see your hero becoming increasingly pumped as the story unfolds. What makes Infamous 2 a joy to play is the ability to pilot your own route through the game and tackle side-missions as you see fit. It offers gamers a blissful sense of freedom, while the new User Generated Content option enables players to create and upload their own challenges for others, giving the game huge replay value.

So, what’s not to like? For starters, the game’s leaden story feels unnecessarily complex, confusing and convoluted, with so many subplots crammed into the running time that it feels like the developers were trying to squeeze a duvet into a matchbox. Later sections of the game, which see players visiting flooded areas of the city, are also deeply frustrating as your one-time superman is suddenly at a huge disadvantage as he has electricity coursing through his veins, while the new melee attacks where you can batter your enemies hand-to-hand feel clunky and awkward, and lack the finesse of the ranged attacks that are so beautifully executed elsewhere in the game.

A fun romp? Sure. An empowering experience that makes you feel like a superhero? Of course. But if you’re hoping for the PS3 action game of the year, Infamous 2 isn’t it.