Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings Review

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Movie spin-off that's better than the average


For most fans, it’s a delirious blend of kick-ass action and perilous exploration that makes the Indiana Jones movies so thrilling, charming and downright irresistible. But while Indy’s latest console quest has all the swashbuckling and whip cracking you’d expect, the chance to explore dusty tombs and become a virtual explorer is sadly missing.

Funnelling players down a linear, predefined path that sees you slamming Nazis, hijacking biplanes and swinging across impossible chasms, the feats of derring-do are tainted by the frustration of not having the freedom to chose your own route or see what lurks around every corner. The result makes it feel as if the adventure is being played on rails and that every other Indy will have the exact same experience as you.

That said, from a purely action perspective the game makes clever use of the hero’s celluloid skills - particularly effective on the Wii where the motion controls can be instinctively used to whip enemies, aim your pistol or scramble out of traps - making this a great game for younger Indy lovers and infinitely better than most movie spin-offs aimed at a juvenile audience.