Hulk Review

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Be the big green guy. No, the other one. The violent one.


The fact that Eric Bana lends his gravelly voice to his pixellated counterpart gives an added degree of authenticity to this smash-’em-up adaptation of the green-hued blockbuster. The story follows on very loosely from the film, with

The Hulk going on a rampage to cure his embarrassing tendency to turn verdant and shed clothes. The action switches between Bruce Banner stealthily dodging armed guards and breaking into military buildings, and The Hulk doing what he does best — smashing the hell out of everything that stands still long enough. The Banner sections are frankly a bit dull, consisting of hiding behind boxes and trying not to get angry. When he does eventually ‘Hulk up’, the action takes a turn for the better, with lots of
squashing of scenery and flattening of foolish guards, although those daft Hulk dogs turn up a little too often. It becomes a bit repetitive after a while — surprisingly even the novelty of crushing cars and delivering sonic green bitch-slaps eventually wears off — but there’s enough destructive fun to appeal to the anarchist in everyone.