House Of The Dead: Overkill Review

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Welcome to the (grind)house of fun


Although the Wii's motion-sensitive controls have breathed new life into console gaming, players seduced by the eye candy of the Xbox 360 and PS3 will never turned on by Nintendo's rough and ready visuals. However, in accepting the Wii's limitations and using its cruder graphics to craft a unique mood, the latest House Of The Dead blaster stands head and shoulders above its hallowed forebears.

Ditching the serious approach of previous HOTD shooters in favour of cheesecake grindhouse presentation, Overkill's chunky graphics are disguised by scratchy film stock, choppy B-movie-style editing and a wealth of clever visual tricks that capture the look of an exploitation flick, the game's sharp sense of humour and classic porn soundtrack also helping to make this a must for fans of schlock cinema. In terms of gameplay little has changed - and the whole zombie mashing marathon can be completed in a little under three hours - but as a game that accepts the constraints of the platform it's running on and uses imagination, wit and hardcore violence to bewitch habitual gorehounds, Overkill is irresistible.