Heroes of Might and Magic V Review

Image for Heroes of Might and Magic V

Classic format as ever but still hugely enjoyable for that.


Over several stellar instalments, the Might & Magic series has perfected a formula for turn-based swords ’n’ sorcery that now feels a little too familiar in a crowded marketplace. But while this may sound like unfair criticism of an otherwise satisfying game, playing M&M V is much like ordering a meal in a five-star restaurant and getting it; nothing more, nothing less.
The simple, chess-like battles are still a joy, with fiddly elements such as city building and empire management stripped back in favour of epic skirmishes against ruthless computer-controlled commanders, or human players in the compelling multiplayer mode. However, while seasoned fans will feel immediately at home, the head-to-head battles have been tweaked to give players control of malicious ghosts that can cause mischief while other players are taking their turn, making better use of the inevitable downtime and adding a new dimension to online battles.
The polished graphics also help give the familiar gameplay a glossy veneer – even though it’s frustrating when you miss key players on the battlefield when they’re hidden behind 3D structures – and even though in-game text appears to have been written by someone with only a basic grasp of English, Heroes Of Might & Magic V is still an old-school delight.