No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Review

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Chop, chop


Punk, it seems, is far from dead - at least according to the belated arrival of maestro of mad Suda51’s hi-def rejig of No More Heroes. Subtitled Heroes' Paradise, this PlayStation Move-enabled slicer and dicer puts you in control of Travis Touchdown, star of the series and wrestling obsessed assassin on a mission to slash his way through the ranks of the United Assassins Association in a blood-soaked effort to claim the top spot.

It’s insane, unpredictable, peppered with lewd humour and jammed with a bustling roster of retro gaming nods – and we love it. The publisher, Konami, has gone to great lengths to ensure Heroes' Paradise isn’t just another half-baked port by improving textures, character models, controls and – best of all – reinstating the copious amounts of sticky stuff that was annexed from the original Rising Star release on Nintendo’s family friend dusthugger, the Wii.

Heads pop, bodies split and limbs fly amidst geysers of gore as you cut a bloody swathe through the fictional city of Santa Destroy battling bizarre minions and barmy bosses including the Charlie Bronson lookey-like, Dr. Peace and the moronic superhero cosplayer, Destroyman. Throw in additional bosses culled from the sequel, Desperate Struggle, a new game mode and the option to have female characters appear semi-naked (hooray for boobies!) and you’ve got yourself a wild and whacky winner to boot.